Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daron's busy with his sports summer camp!

Daron is very busy this summer participating sports summer camp. He just finished participating New York Giants Youth Football Camp (June 21-26) He met former New York Giants players at the camp. He wants to do it again next year. He had a great time and learned so much how to play football especially being as a quarterback. He felt in love playing as a quarterback. The coaches at the Giants Camp said he has a beautiful spirtual football throw. He signed up to play for Enfield Ramblers this season for Mighty Mites League for age 6-7 years old. They play with helmet and pads. Daron asked me to teach him more tips how to play as a quarterback. I never play football in my life so I am sending Daron a private lesson with Evan Bowen who is a great quarterback coach, in Shelton, CT. Evan is the founder of Elite Passing Academy. He was a very successful quarterback all his life. Bowen was all state quarterback in state of Connecticut when he was younger. Bowen started to learn how to play quarterback at age 7. Evan will teach Daron FIVE one on one lessons in July before he starts first day of practice with Enfield Ramblers Mighty Mites on July 28th. Daron is very thrilled to work with Evan.

Daron is also participating UMass Basketball Camp and Indoor Action Sports Basketball Camp in late July. He is going to be very busy which is good to keep him away from video games and from being bored at home!!!

I cannot wait for Jaxon to go to sports summer camp when he gets a little older!!

Daron playing defense one on one.

Daron playing as a wide receiver.

Jaxon is tuning up with his hoop skills!!

Jaxon started learning how to dribble basketball with his left and right hands at age 2.. He learned from watching Daron and his Daddy... He has been playing basketball shooting hoops in the living room with Daron. He loves to say "Defense! Defense!" with his arms stretch out. He is adorable when he does that.

Daron Pee Wee Baseball

The coaches put Daron in Pee Wee Baseball League instead of playing another year of Tee Ball League this year because of his skills. Daron had a great baseball season and learned a lot especially hitting, base running and fielding... He is the only kindergarden player on the team while most of his teammates are first or second grade. He won the game ball on his first ever Pee Wee baseball game! He is looking forward playing baseball next year in the spring!

Daron s Tee Ball (5 years old)

Daron played Tee Ball League for 5-6 years old last year. He won the game ball two times. He had a great season and his coach said he was one of the top three players on his team.

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