Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Ben gave Daron a football!

Daron will never forget this game. I took Daron to see the Steelers play against the Patroits at Foxboro, MA on Nov 20, 2008. We arrived at the stadium about 2 hours early. We watched Ben doing warm up throws with his wide receivers for 30 minutes. All of sudden, we saw Big Ben running towards to us from 50 yard line. I wasnt sure what Big Ben was doing. I told Daron maybe he was coming to you. Big Ben went right up to Daron and gave him the NFL football!!!! Then Big Ben tapped his head and smiled at him! Daron had a big smile on his face!!! All the steelers fans around us were so jealous of the football that Daron received from Big Ben. Steelers ended up beating the Patroits! It was a special day for father and son!

Daddy and Daron at the Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA.

That is where we watched Big Ben doing pre game warms up before he ran up to Daron.

Proud Daron is holding the football that Big Ben gave him!

Daron was sleeping on the way home while holding the football!

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sean said...

hey, daron has alott of skills in basketball and football. his speed is so great. I will definitly follow this blog and keep up with his sports. I think he can play football and basketball at a high level when hes older, daron keep working and dont give up. When you make it in the pros, im gonna tell everyone i heard of you first :]

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